Are you facing difficulty choosing adult foster care? You have to take a big decision when you feel that someone you love needs additional care and you have to transfer them to assisted living facility. You understand that it’s for their best care and thus it becomes important to choose a residential care home Farmington Hills Michigan that will take best care.

It’s tough but you need to choose the best assisted living and here is how you can. You must look out for the following things.


No doubt the location is crucial for choosing adult foster care. It should be so located that relatives can visit them easily. It’s a big transition for the elderly. If relatives can visit them regularly then this transition will be smooth. Moreover, the place should be lively and open. Seniors should feel at home when they start living there. You must also consider if you can visit that place easily in an emergency. There should be nearby places where seniors can spend their leisure time.

Services available

Services provided by each assisted care are different. When you are exploring senior care Farmington Hills you must know what type of meals are provided. Will it be according to the preference and dietary needs of the seniors? Do they have washing and bathing facilities? Do they provide TV in each room for entertainment? What is the medical assistance that is provided? Once you gather information about all this you can take the right decision.


When you are considering different things for choosing adult foster care, you cannot ignore the cost they charge. Do you think that they are charging right for the services that they are promising to deliver? If required you can check out few other senior acre to understand what are the standard rates. If someone is charging too low then you can be sure that they may be cutting down some or other services that are not expected.

Handling of emergencies

You can never ignore the fact that when you are leaving your loved one at any place you are leaving your thoughts there too. You must understand how do they handle any emergency? Do they have nurses to take care of anyone who is feeling sick? How do they handle the overall situation? When you think that they know how to handle everything you can go ahead and give a tour to the place to understand how it will feel to stay there.

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