Is residential care right choice? You are in a dilemma that whether moving to residential care will be a good idea for your relative. It actually requires a lot of considerations before you can decide whether they should be shifted to residential care. You need to consider their feelings too, but along with that it’s important that you decide the right time when you might have to shift them to a senior care facility.

How much support is needed?

Seniors live on their own but with time they cannot do all their work on their own. They are unable to complete regular task even like bathing and grooming. If you are living nearby it is possible for you to take care, but when you stay far away, how to ensure that they are able to cope with their work? When they are unable to deal with their daily care activities and cooking then it is time to think about alternative, especially, if you cannot give enough time to help them complete all this.

What Care Homes are in your Area?

Once you understand that you need help of residential care you have to start looking for one where they will feel at home and get the care they need. There is senior care where you can get assistance on completing all these activities along with other facilities. It is best that you give a tour to adult foster home Farmington Hills so that you understand how it will be staying there? Residential care facilities will show you how they take acre, what certifications they have for running the place and so on.

What Would your Relative Prefer?

The next most important thing is that what your senior partner prefers? Most elderly people prefer that instead of staying at any senior care they would rather stay in their own home independently. At some stage of life this may not be possible but it is them who will be shifting you must discuss the whole thing with them. Ask them what do they want? If they are not comfortable with the concept then they will never feel at ease and may become sick very soon.


Taking the decision to keep your loved one at any residential care may be tough, but you have to take it at some or other time. What is most important in all this is you choose the right place at the right time. In right place and time residential care is a right choice.

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