Lots of senior citizens need extra care due to various inabilities caused by their old age and some ailments. Hence, Orchard Manor provides independent apartments to these people at affordable costs, along with expert professionals to look after them for 24 hours. This senior care in Farmington Hills Mi is very useful for many families, where younger ones are forced to leave their parents or grandparents in this city and go elsewhere for better career prospects. Important Features of Residential Home Care for elderly people are

Total privacy – Many elderly people prefer to maintain their privacy, for which we provide them private bedrooms and bathrooms. Thus, they can use their personal belongings in daily life, without sharing anything with other inmates of these residential homes. They may share living rooms, dining rooms, gaming rooms, balconies, and outdoor gardens with other people of the same age group.

Comfortable living – Aged people are provided a healthy environment where they can live a happy life. All necessary amenities are also provided in residential Home Care for elderly people apartments, to make life more comfortable for our elderly clients. The job of ensuring the comfort and security of clients is included in the service for assisted living Farmington Hills Michigan.

Help for daily chores – Bedridden or ailing people usually need assistance in bathing, dressing, eating, maintaining oral hygiene, and going to the toilet. Our professionals provide personal care in doing all these tasks every day. Moreover, they assist clients in doing essential household chores, like cooking, washing dishes, laundry works, shopping, and payment of bills. They can also handle the task of tube feeding if any paralyzed client cannot eat solid foods due to their illnesses.

Provision of medical aid – Our professionals consult the medical records of clients and also consult with their doctors if needed. They remind these old people for taking medicines or even give them their prescribed medicines at right time. In the case of terminally ill patients, they try to reduce the disease-related pains and provide as much comfort as possible on their last days. If any client needs hospitalization, our caregivers call an ambulance and make sure that the ailing person receives medical treatment immediately.

Orchard Manor has gained efficiency in providing all kinds of personal and medical care to aged people. Thus, young people feel relieved in leaving their elders to the competent services of assisted living Farmington Hills Michigan provided by this organization. We customize these service plans according to the condition and needs of every client so that they are fully satisfied with our residential home care services.