Senior citizens want to continue their existing lifestyle and be happy in their last days. With age, people become dependent upon others for carrying out their regular day-to-day tasks. The reason is that they are not strong enough to take care of their own needs. Hence, they look for support and senior care facilities. It does not necessarily mean that you have to choose a nursing home. You need to find the right time to avail assisted living.

Assisted care

Assisted living helps bridge the gap that is otherwise noticed between a nursing home and independent living. Seniors are offered with maximum possible independence that they can manage. Support and personal care are provided to them as and when it becomes necessary.

What support is offered?

There are nursing homes that offer medical care and other essential services. On the other hand, assisted facilities offer help with non-medical issues, especially with activities involved in daily living (ADL) and support. Such activities generally include helping with meals, dressing, hygiene, etc. Such facilities also arrange transportation, coordinate medical services as well as monitor resident safety and health.

Different levels

Assisted residential home care offers different levels. It includes independent apartments within a building where seniors are offered meals, especially in group settings. The other is an expanded facility where ongoing care is offered along with multiple levels of services and housing.

When is the right time to avail of assisted services?

A few signs include the following:

  • The refrigerator has spoiled food or is inadequately stocked. This sign clearly shows that visiting the store becomes a difficult task.
  • The home is not clean or well-maintained as it was before. It indicates having difficulty in cleaning/maintaining the home regularly.
  • Family members getting overwhelmed with providing timely support to their senior members to ensure their independent living.
  • Social functions or appointments are forgotten. With age, people start to forget things quickly. However, if appointments get missed, then it is likely to interfere with their daily living. This indicates they require more assistance.
  • Family members are increasingly getting worried about their seniors staying alone or getting involved in unfortunate accidents.
  • Personal hygiene is not being practiced regularly and properly.

In case the senior is facing any or many of the above situations, then they need immediate assisted care. This way, they can lead a happier, healthy lifestyle. Also, such facilities will ensure that the other family members can be assured that their beloved elderly parent is properly taken care of all the time. So, you need to find out the right time to avail assisted living.

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