The care of elderly people is a problem for those who need to away from their children for various reasons. So the option of assisted living seems to be the best for many families in the USA, where people need to move away to other places for professional reasons, leaving their parents alone. Hence, the services of senior care in Farmington Hills Mi offered by Orchard Manor are highly appreciated by many people so much know important Facts to Be Known Regarding the Assisted Living in Michigan the costs of assisted living services and estimated facts about aged population

Estimated facts about the aged population in Michigan

According to a recent survey, over 30,000 assisted living communities for senior citizens are now recorded all over the USA. As per the latest census, approximately 17% of the total population of Michigan comprises of elderly people who have crossed the age of 65. So the assisted living services provide great help to these old people and their family members who live elsewhere. An aged person needs to pay around $3000 – $4000 for availing the services of assisted living Michigan.

Costs of assisted living services in Michigan

If an ailing person is admitted to a nursing home, his/her monthly bills will be more than $8000 for the treatment of any old age-related complication. The cost of hiring healthcare professionals to take care of a bedridden patient at home should be averagely more than $4000. However, the cost of services offered for assisted living Farmington Hills Mi is approximately $3850. This price is only $100 higher than the average national cost of this service in the USA. However, the costs of assisted living services in Michigan is around $400 – $500 lesser than that in neighboring states, like Ohio and Indiana.

These costs differ from one city to another in this state. Thus, the costs of assisted living services in some cities can be around $900 higher than the state average amount. On the other hand, some cities may have very low-cost assisted living services, which can be less than $3000. The government of Michigan provides financial aid to old people who cannot afford even the cheapest services for assisted living. However, only the permanent citizens of this state are eligible for this financial support in their old age. Free services of assisted living are also provided by some government agencies or non-profit organizations in Michigan.

Thus, experienced organizations, like Orchard Manor, have made the services for senior living Farmington Hills Mi to be more comfortable for aged people above the age of 60.