For the most part, when we think of care centers, we envision the building and maybe the layout and people we may encounter there. But what will let you know if this is a caregiver and family-friendly facilities?

Here are some essential items to look for and inquire about when talking to family-friendly facilities.

  • No restrictions on checking out hours, day or night, as long as the resident agrees, and no other citizens are interrupted.
  • The center has no objection to offering a cot for loved ones, particularly for out-of-town visitors, to stay over night in their loved one’s room.
  • Households are able to take their loved ones out of the facility without governmental problem, and the facility ought to sponsor regular activities which bring in relative to the center.
  • Families are enabled and motivated to join their liked ones for meals in the dining location.
  • Household events should be motivated and assisted by the center (celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, religious and national holidays) and parties accommodated.
  • Children are welcome, accommodated and motivated to go to. There is a playground, car seat in the dining location and a kids’s menu.
  • Counseling and support system are provided to families to help with problems and troubles of transition to and within a center.
  • Center newsletters are offered to visitors in the lobby and quickly located.


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