If you are staying with elderly parents, then it can be really tough to discuss with them the significance of assisted living and moving with elderly parents. You need to plan properly and in advance to meet the specific needs of your loved ones. It should be achieved in a manner that honors their feelings and respects their opinions.

Guidelines to follow

You may follow the given below guidelines to ensure a smooth transition from independent living to assisted one.

  • This subject is better taken in advance before the time they require assisted support. Do plan out appropriate steps for taking care of things that might occur. It includes they find it tough to remember to take their medications, dress or bathe unassisted or face trouble balancing themselves. Prepare a list of such events along with the type of responses to provide. Ensure the plan goes into action as the need arises.
  • While preparing the plan, including in it, a regular visit to the senior care A few homes do allow day care enabling your parents to spend quality time at home. They can meet caregivers, and residents and participate in different activities. Do engage your parent. Allow them to participate actively in the decision. They should feel empowered and not be forced upon. This way, they will be less resistant while moving to the new location.
  • Siblings should also be a part of the planning discussion. Make sure to avoid conflicting messages. Otherwise, parents may get a conflicting message, something that is unwanted. Take steps that encourage a smooth transition.
  • Communicate a lot. Provide your parents with several options rather than offering advice. Get to know their ideas, opinions, and concerns. Don’t try to impose on them your values. Express concerns clearly if any and listen to what they have to say carefully. When it comes to providing solutions, do not just be silent. Understand that it is a sensitive topic that can even be emotionally heartbreaking. Do provide them with sufficient time to respond. Again, don’t force things upon them.
  • Do value your parent’s perspectives. Generally, the elderly do not prefer to move out of their home. Rather, they prefer to be in full control of themselves and enjoy greater independence. Moving out will only make them feel like being in a shrinking world, at the mercy of strangers and nearing the end of their life.

Before booking any residential home care services, plan it out first and ensure your parents are satisfied with it. So, you need to talk to them about assisted living and moving with elderly parents.

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