Many old men and women suffer from the loss of memory, as their brain cells start degenerating with the growing age. Some of them may be inflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia. They cannot even remember their own name and address, fail to recognize their near ones, and may also find it difficult to speak at a later stage. Since there is hardly any medication for providing a permanent solution to this problem; services for assisted living Farmington Hills Mi can be the best option for them. Professionals of Orchard Manor do their best to serve such patients who are suffering from memory loss.

Vital assisted living services for memory loss patients

  • Supervision of medical care – Since these aged people cannot remember their medications, our professionals give them their medicines on time so that they do not miss their prescribed doses. Moreover, these patients do not remember to follow the advice of their doctors, which is needed to be reminded at every step.
  • Keep note of all emergency numbers – These elderly patients cannot remember any phone number due to their illness. So, our professionals are entitled to take note of all emergency phone numbers and also contact numbers of their near ones. They may need to call doctors, ambulance, police, or any emergency service, as per the demand of a situation.
  • Feed daily meals on time – Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia may not even remember to have their meals. So assisted living professionals need to provide them at least three meals at right time, to prevent deterioration of their physical health. Moreover, they are given nutritious foods that may help these aged people in living a healthy and more cheerful life.
  • Take care of their daily hygiene – These old people fail to remember whether they have taken a bath or brushed their teeth. So it is the responsibility of our caregivers to be with them all the time and remind them of every hygiene-related chore every day. Our professionals receive special training for senior living Farmington Hills Mi, to deliver such services efficiently.
  • Friendly environment for a happy life – It is believed that loss of memory can be stopped to some extent, by keeping these patients in good mood. They should be involved in various social activities, which can boost their cognitive powers. Our trained professionals make sure to keep such patients in a safe environment, where they will feel comfortable, and thus, they may be encouraged for positive activities.


Hence, Orchard Manor creates the best memory care environment for elderly people suffering from memory loss to any degree.