Senior citizens often suffer from loneliness, as their children and other relatives may be busy with their work and personal life. Hence, Orchard Manor offers dedicated care to aged men and women, who live away from their families. Our professionals have gained expertise in providing services of assisted living Farmington Hills Mi. We take care of various aspects of assisted living through different service packages.

Provide independent apartments – Elderly people often prefer to live independently, without depending on their children or grandchildren for any reason. Hence, Orchard Manor offers comfortable homes to these aged people, consisting of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchenette, and private bathrooms. We deck these apartments with the best quality furniture for the comfort of our aged clients. There are also arrangements for morning or evening walks, exercises, and hot showers at these new homes for our clients, who also need to maintain their physical health in good condition.

Warm and homely environment – We make sure to provide independent apartments in friendly neighborhoods, where aged people will be able to find a suitable company. Social interaction is also important for the best mental health of our clients. Most of these apartments have large flower and vegetable gardens in the backyards, to supply abundant fresh oxygen to the environment. The settings of these homes are maintained in the same standard, to make them comfortable here.

Convenient housekeeping services – We offer regular housekeeping services to our elderly clients, including cleaning of rooms and personal laundry services.  They are provided fresh linen every day, to take care of their hygiene. Aged people are provided with healthy and nutritious foods, to maintain their physical and mental health. Homemade meals and tasty snacks are offered at the right times and also whenever they ask for extra food. If anyone is bedridden, a wheelchair is provided, as part of the service for assisted living Michigan.

Take care of their happiness – Orchard Manor offers flexible visiting hours for friends and relatives of all aged clients. They can visit these lonely people anytime according to their convenience so that elderly people may feel more cheerful in the company of their loved ones. Moreover, we provide TV sets in every room, with all cable packages so that they can have ample entertainment. Their pets are also allowed to visit them in these independent apartments, to make them happier.

Therefore, all our elderly clients are satisfied with the services for senior care in assisted living Farmington Hills Mi, to make their life more enjoyable.