A good number of couples can be seen to be readjusting their schedules and lives. The reason is to ensure that the needs of their aged parents are taken care of. Studies revealed that in the U.S. alone, 44 million adults have been offered another adult with unpaid care. So, you can think of assisted living to care your ageing parents.

Your role in elderly care

Besides providing your aged parents with assisted living solutions, you also need to undertake several things to make them happy. If they live close by then you may make additional visits every week. You may even choose to drive them to the doctor’s appointment or help with their chores.

Effects upon relationship

With your aged parents needing more physical support, this new situation might affect the relationship. The truth is that each partner is likely to be affected differently. If it is your parent who needs extra care and attention, then you will feel more responsible towards them. But your partner might need your presence and attention towards the family and house. He/she is likely to feel guilty at the same time for not being supportive. In such cases, you may resort to senior care services which will do the needful on your behalf.

Some changes noticed

  • If you are located in another town, then driving to and fro to your parent’s place and doctors’ offices will involve new expenses.
  • There will be additional responsibility to help with their household chores. This means you may need to spend more time at your parent’s place to complete the chores.
  • Even if your parents stay nearby, still you will be spending less time nurturing your relationship. This is because you might be needed at your parent’s place.

The above issues are only likely to cause stress between you and your partner, thereby causing resentment or moodiness. This can be solved by availing of residential home care services. You can contact assisted living to care your ageing parents.

Coping tips

Perhaps being a caregiver might put you under the stress of having to give attention to both your aged parents and your relation. This means only increased responsibilities and damaging your health as well as your relationship with your partner over time. Even you cannot abandon your parents or neglect them. The best way to cope with the responsibility and needs of your parents will be to provide them with professional assisted care services. It will allow you to give more time to your spouse as well as also keep your parents happy and satisfied.

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