Elderly people need special care to maintain their physical and mental health because they become more fragile with growing age. Hence, Orchard Manor offers the best personal Adult care to these people, which may not be possible for their family members. Our trained professionals are experts in rendering all kinds of services for senior living Farmington Hills Mi. We customize these service packages according to the needs of each client. Services Offered for Adult Care by Orchard Manor are

Specialized personal care – Some elderly men and women need constant care, due to their present health conditions. Thus, our professionals offer 24-hour care to these people and assist them in doing all the usual works of daily life. We take care of their hair, skin, and oral hygiene, by using the best healthcare products of reputed brands. We assist them in brushing, shaving, bathing, and dressing; if they cannot use their hands conveniently for doing all these activities. We offer assistance in feeding if our clients cannot manage to cut their foods into small pieces or lift foods to their mouths. We provide lifts to our independent apartments so that immobile aged people can be easily shifted in or out.

Continuous medical care – We provide both short-term and long-term assistance to senior citizens, as per their requirements. Our professionals help aged people in controlling the bowel and bladder movements, mainly in the case of bedridden ones. We keep one or multiple people to move immobile patients, to shift them for medical assistance in hospitals. Our caring professionals maintain lists of all medical appointments of clients and remind them to visit their doctors on the scheduled dates. Similarly, they remind clients for required lab tests, as well as for various medical diagnostic tests, like blood pressure, pulse rate, cholesterol level, and body weight. We also provide trained nurses for 24 hours if our clients ask for this service.  Our professionals are experienced in handling catheters and feeding tubes, mainly for patients suffering from brain or spinal cord injuries.

Our professionals also prepare a special diet according to the medical conditions of elderly clients so that they can stay fit all the time. They keep in touch with concerned doctors and family members of our clients, to provide them a suitable diet. Thus, old people find our services of assisted living Farmington Hills Michigan very comfortable and even enjoyable when they need to live separately from their families. Many young people also feel relieved when their parents or grandparents are left in the care of the professionals of Orchard Manor.