Perhaps your job may require you to go outside the town for several weeks or even months. If you have elderly parents, then you will always be disturbed whenever you go out. This might even mean losing focus on your assigned task and credibility. Moreover, your aged, sick or disabled parents might find it tough to carry out their daily work on their own. You simply cannot expect your relatives, neighbors or friends to help them every time you go out. This is where senior living facilities like Orchard Manor can prove to be of great help. Compare living alone vs senior living community and decide. With the experts taking care of your beloved ones, you can leave your worries behind and enjoy your work.

Benefits of living in senior care facility

Your loved one is sure to derive plenty of benefits at our facility when compared to living alone.

  • Safety: It could be that your elderly parents are unable to get on their feet without help. They may be physically frail or visually impaired. They need assistance all the time to move around the house. For such seniors, the safe place is to live in the senior community. We have appointed professionals to assist seniors to undertake their regular activities. Also are put in place other safety measures.
  • Healthy social life: The elderly find it difficult to do their own work, even going to the bathroom, taking bath or going out for a walk. Hence, depression sets it caused mainly by loneliness and being dependent on others. The senior community like Orchard Manor offers elderly people with healthy and safe social aspect. This is crucial for their well-being. With other seniors around, your beloved ones can make friends, interact and socialize. We organize social activities to ensure constant socialization and provide entertainment.
  • Medical care: With age, people tend to contact memory loss diseases, thus resulting in complications. Chances are very high of forgetting medication. Skipping these will only cause health issues. Medical professionals are present in the assisted living It includes doctors and nurses to take care of your beloved ones’ medical needs. You can be assured that your elderly parents take medicines on time and without fail.
  • Nutrition: Grocery shopping and preparing meals can become tough with age. Living alone, at times can be a punishment as some tasks may become tough to perform. But at the facility, their daily needs from morning to night will be taken care of by the caregivers.

Compare living alone vs senior care community. Therefore, to improve your elderly parents’ life quality, you should consider our facility located at Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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