These days, there are available a variety of senior living options. Thus, it can become difficult for many to know which one to select that will provide them with comfort in their later years. Moreover, different facilities are known to offer varying services, thus increasing confusion. The objective of such services is to provide individual residents with the proper support and personal care they desire while assuring independence. If more personal care is desired without much supervision, then assisted living is a better option to choose. So, you need to know the basics of assisted living.

What are the offered services?

Some seniors may need help with their daily activities such as cooking meals, grooming, showering, going to the bathroom at night, etc. Such care type also provides assistance with traveling to appointments, housekeeping, medication, etc. Several quality facilities are known to have developed customized plans to meet special needs. Thus elderly residents may be free to indulge in whatever they wish to do without getting bothered.

Is assisted care similar to a nursing home?

No! They may offer residents several services that might be quite similar. However, 24/7 medical care and supervision is offered by nursing home something assisted senior care does not offer. However, they encourage independence and privacy. Some even provide apartment and private-style housing options with kitchens. Most facilities do offer group dining as well as areas to promote recreational and social activities.

Assisted care and CCRC (Continuing-Care Retirement Community)

CCRC may comprise a home. Such communities are generally considered to be long-term living solutions developed exclusively for seniors, especially within a single location. Seniors deriving such residential home care can enjoy independent living after their retirement. With age, they will require assistance that they get at such facilities. It continues until the elderly require full-time supervision. They slowly get transitioned to full nursing home care and avail all necessary senior services required.


Many elderly use private funds to pay for the type of care they wish to derive. However, some exceptions are made in several cases. Few insurance policies are present that tend to offer retired people long-term care. It generally covers licensed, assisted care facilities. Hence, it becomes necessary to check the insurance policies to know if such faculties are covered. Those qualifying can meet their living expenses with Medicaid.

Is assisted care the perfect choice?

It can be really difficult to leave the home to move on to a new facility. Do consider the benefits that are offered with assisted care like assistance, security, social perks, activities, socialization opportunities, etc.

Now you know the basics of assisted living.