Once you have made up your mind for moving a loved one to assisted living, you need to plan to make this transition smooth. So, the checklist for moving to assisted living is important. Things are to be taken care of and thus here is a checklist for you. Just check it out if you have done everything while the loved one is moved to assisted living Farmington Hills Michigan.

Find the right community

While you choose the community for senior care make sure you include them during the selection process. You need to understand and manage their expectations. After shortlisting each community, do extensive research on them, tour them, and know about their processes in detail by asking the staff a lot. Let the seniors understand that this is a positive change that will let them live independently, and above all securely.


You need to do planning. Discuss with the movers for shifting anything that might go along with them. Before the moving day comes you need to inform the Post office about the change in address. This is also important that you transfer any financial or medical accounts to the new address. It will keep everything in order.


Seniors will be taking some valuables with them. It is important that you understand which items are to be sent along with them. For this, you need to know the floor plan too. Check out which items will fit there so that you can arrange them according to that. So, a checklist for moving to assisted living is necesary. Try to digitize video tapes and photos that will take less space. Pack the boxes with labels so that while unpacking there is no confusion.

Welcome party

You need to make them feel at ease and thus celebrate the new chapter. Invite their loved ones so that they feel at home in the new place. They should not feel lonely and ensure that they are part of the community just as they were part of their family, and still are. This arrangement is just to take extra care that they need now.

Personal care

Finally, leave things there that make them feel at home. There can be their favorite books, plants or anything that they love. Also make a list of their medicine and discuss it with the staff at residential care. Anything that is most important for them like their glasses, walking aid, medicines and hearing aids must be arranged and kept at right place.


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