This is a question that is asked by the majority of the people who have retired, aged parents. Approximately 40 percent of caregivers consider them to be below average when it comes to providing care to their elder parents. So when is the right time to offer support or consider assisted living? It should be done in a manner that your parents should not feel unwanted, embarrassed, or insulted. You need to understand when to start caring your aged parents.

Some areas that you need to give proper attention

  • Distance from children
  • Finances
  • Safety
  • Sickness or illness

Facts to know

There has been a significant increase during the last five years in 65-year-old people getting admitted/discharged from hospitals. This group is also reported to have the highest average duration of stay in hospitals. Medical care is offered at doctor’s clinics, offices, nursing homes, and hospitals. The prevailing system does not fare better when it comes to education and offering assistance, and direction for home-based senior care. You need to be aware of the type of illness or sickness that your aged parents are suffering from. Research the topic thoroughly to ensure they can be provided with proper support.

Safety concerns

Falls are considered to be a major safety concern among elderly citizens. There is a high risk of accidents and falls faced by the elderly. Around two-thirds who have experienced falls recently are likely to fall again. You may research some vital areas like poor vision, lack of exercise, bone density, medications, etc. It will be essential to identify the medical issues that your aged parents are suffering from. This will allow you to take necessary preventative measures, thereby reducing risk considerably.

Childless elders

The truth is that a few older people might have children or anyone to take care of. They face greater risks for institutionalization. They may only face more stress if their siblings get involved in their day-to-day decisions. Availing of residential home care can be a better idea. It allows them to get assistance from well-trained professionals who will take care of all their needs. They may even consider joining a community for the aged where they will be taken care of. Another aspect to note is that some parents may stay alone while their children could be residing in distant cities. In such cases, homely care or joining senior communities will be the right decision.

When to avail professional care?

It will be better to ensure your aged parents get professional support once you feel that their health is failing. They may no longer be able to take care of themselves and will need someone’s help to get proper support.

So, you know when to start caring your aged parents.