With the world’s aged population growing at a fast pace, the need for home assisted living only seems to be increasing everywhere. Elder care services is undoubtedly the most preferred solution to ensure the well-being of your parents and grandparents. Elder care services allow them to be in the comfort of their home and in familiar setting. At Orchard Manor, we do offer various types of assistance. We do ensure that your elderly get all the facilities that they had been enjoying during their lifetime. You do not have to shift them to any nursing home or hospital.

Top benefits offered by senior living services

Availing our professional elder care services will allow you and your elderly parents to derive the following benefits:

  • Professional assistance: Our home caregiver is well-trained experienced enough to manage all routine and critical situations.
  • Saves precious time: Some types of services offered are considered to be time consuming. At times, the caregiver might find it challenging to juggle the time needed. Hence, our elder care services assistance can be termed to be more than a necessity. We can help the family caregiver to invest more time in important tasks rather than focus on those routine tasks. The latter will be taken care of by our home specialist, trained to undertake such tasks efficiently.
  • Uphold old lifestyle: Our caregiver can help your elderly parents uphold their lifestyle that they are accustomed to. This is part of the training imparted to our caregivers to help sustain the momentum.
  • Social interaction: Irrespective of the closeness that our caregiver gets to the patient, some limit exists with regards to the amount of socialization and communication held. Your elderly parents will benefit by having communication with others from outside. This way, they can stay well interacted and communicated. It is likely to boost their emotional well-being.
  • Life quality: Your elderly can now improve their life quality with the support of our caregiver. We do offer instant help whenever required. Hence, your parents do not have to worry about having to struggle with the daily household work. The caregiver is given special training to anticipate the kind of requirements that seniors in their charge might require in elder care services. You can select the type of care level desired from 24/7 assistance to just a few hours, day or night.

We provide certified senior care services from compassionate, friendly people employed at our Farmington Hills, Michigan living facility.