Orchard Manor is a well-known assisted living service provider company, where only trained Professionals Offering Assisted Living are employed to take care of all clients. According to local rules in Michigan, we maintain the required number of staff for taking good care of all elderly clients. These employees are trained in many aspects that are essential for senior living Farmington Hills MI. They may receive such training from institutes offering vocational courses. On-job training is also provided to hone their expertise in their job roles.

Matters on which assisted living staff need training

Looking after personal care – Professionals associated with assisted living are provided training for looking after the personal needs of aged clients. They learn to help these elderly people in bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, dressing, and eating. Thus, they need to stay with these clients for taking care of them throughout the day.

Providing first aid if needed – These assisted living professionals learn to provide first aid and reduce the pain of their clients, in the case of an accident. They also carry a first aid box with all essential medical items, to provide the basic medical treatment to their clients on minor incidents.  However, they need to call a doctor immediately if the client seems to be seriously injured.

Supervision of one’s health – One of jobs of assisted living staff is to remind clients of taking their medicines on time, as most elderly people cannot remember these things. If a client is bedridden or mentally ill, he/she also needs to feed the required medicines at correct doses. Hence, our professionals receive training in basic healthcare, to perform these duties smoothly. They also prepare meals for their aged clients and make sure to provide them with all the necessary nutrients.

Taking care of safety – We provide training to our staff so that they can handle all types of emergencies and ensure the safety of clients. They check all the security measures of independent apartments so that there is the least risk of accidents for their clients.

Sometimes, our Professionals Offering Assisted Living also take these elderly clients on excursions to nearby tourist spots, to cheer them up and to help them get over the boredom of their life. Generally, we designate only one person for each client unless a client is immobile and the caring staff needs help for moving him/her. These duties are done in rotational shifts, to give some relief to our hardworking staff engaged in assisted living Farmington Hills Michigan.