Residential Senior living seems to have changed significantly with time. Previously, senior citizens had to be contended with limited options. Presently, there have emerged reputed living options like Orchard Manor catering to the specific needs of the elderly.

Specific things desired by modern-day elderly people

  • True Freedom: Senior communities, these days, revolve around choices. They can select different levels of care, dining options, residential amenities, etc. Today’s seniors are more eager to take full control on their lives. Hence, one such option that they can look into is senior residential living.
  • Social interaction: A good and well-established senior living community like Orchard Manor can help the elderly to be happy and satisfied. They can now communicate with others in their age groups. Also, they can attend activities and events, thereby encouraging social interaction. Modern technology has enabled seniors to be in touch with their respective families through video chat sessions, text messages, etc.

Some amenities desired by senior active assisted living communities

  • Social dining: The senior communities provide the elderly with afternoon happy hour and morning tea sessions with the community residents. They do offer lots of social dining options, thus ensuring they stay active and engaged most of the time. Thus, the elderly residents will feel connected with the society, not feeling alone even for a single moment. The modern-day seniors prefer to go beyond the buffet system. We have realized their specific needs and desires and accordingly provide top quality dining options with gourmet chefs.
  • Activities: We do everything to ensure that our residents stay engaged and entertained all the time. Hence, we make it a point to organize different types of games, events, hobby classes, trips, etc.
  • Maintenance services and laundry: Seniors these days do value their independence. Our senior residential community based at Farmington Hills, Michigan does offer house cleaning, laundry and other essential home maintenance services. No more are the elderly to worry about these things as our experts will take care of them on time.
  • Outings: The elderly are periodically taken out to interesting destinations like sports, theatres, museums, etc. These outings do help them to stay active, energetic and break monotony.
  • Fitness: It is important for every elderly person to stay healthy. Our residential senior care community takes complete care by providing a wide range of fitness facilities. We have walking paths, treadmills, swimming pool, etc.

We offer our clients with comprehensive senior residential packages to suit the personal needs of every resident.