When someone needs to leave their elderly parents alone and go to other cities for job purposes, they worry about the security and good health of these old people. The expert services of assisted living Farmington Hills Mi can help people out of this anxiety for their lonely parents. Orchard Manor offers such services for elderly people, along with independent homes for them at affordable prices. Due to the range of healthcare services, you may confuse it with the assisted living and nursing home facilities. However, there are several differences between the two kinds of services provided for bedridden patients.

Distinction between assisted living and nursing home facilities

Types of medical facilities – Professionals associated with services for senior care in Farmington Hills Mi are used in taking care of the medications, catheters, tube feeding, and other basic medical care. However, trained nursing, complicated therapies, oxygen, and other life support can be available only in nursing homes. Hence, aged people with minor health issues, bedridden patients, and Alzheimer patients can be left in the care of assisted living service providers while critically ill patients should be admitted to nursing homes.

Homely atmosphere – Independent apartments offer more privacy to aged people where they can live in their own way. But a nursing home atmosphere is strictly professional where patients are bound to pay heed to the instructions of healthcare professionals. So definitely, elderly people feel more comfortable with the assisted living services, where they find the warmth and comfort of a home. Our professionals take physical and mental care of these people, as their children would have done for them, which cannot be expected in nursing homes. Patients often need to share rooms with other people in nursing homes, which can be avoided in these independent homes.

Costs involved – Nursing home facilities are much costlier due to all the complex medical care provided to patients. Thus, it may not be financially feasible for many people to keep bedridden patients admitted to nursing homes for a long time. On the other hand, services for assisted living Michigan can be customized and made affordable for clients. Thus, people find the senior care services of Orchard Manor more suitable for their pockets. So they feel more relieved to leave their aged parents in these independent apartments in the care of our experienced professionals.

Therefore, it is a wiser decision for many people to leave their parents or grandparents in the care of our senior residential care professionals in Michigan.