With age, seniors tend to lose their strength and would like to live peacefully without much disturbance or hectic activity. They may require home senior care services to look after them and their needs. It is quite natural for many seniors to desire residing at their home or a place they are more familiar with. They would like to treasure their independence.

Need for elderly care services

You can rely on Orchard Manor to provide your elderly parents to derive quality senior home care services. Through our assistance, they can enjoy good health and preserve their independence and dignity at all times. When compared to full-time nursing homes, home assisted living is quite affordable. Thus, with our 24/7 support, your senior parents can stay with you at your place and not in any nursing home.

Types of elderly care services offered

When elderly case services are concerned, basically, there are two types offered, namely:

  • Skilled services or custodial care: Medical professionals generally offer such services. It includes occupational, nursing care, respiratory, speech and physical therapy. The certified home health aide offers seniors with personal care for limited time period. The skilled professional like the therapist or nurse supervises the health aide. Skilled providers offer their clients with programmed home visits depending on the doctor’s prescribed treatment plan. A few reasons to seek skilled services are avoid unwanted hospitalizations and speed-up hospital discharges. It also helps the elderly person to be at home while he/she recovers from acute illness.
  • Unskilled or supportive care: Non-medical home caregivers offer supportive services. They assist seniors by providing personal care like dressing, bathing, housekeeping, grooming, shopping and meal preparation. The provider might also offer assistance in exercises, ambulation, attend medical appointments and self-administered medications. The services can be booked based on client’s specific needs, thus differing in frequency and amount. The objective of providing such senior living services is to help the aging person to deal with deteriorating abilities.

Our caring professionals at Orchard Manor are handpicked and well-trained. Besides being certified, they are dedicated towards providing our clients with positive experience. We can provide your elderly parents with the kind of support they require during their golden age. We do help to boost their independence as well as preserve their dignity. We also make sure that your elderly parents do get sufficient interaction with others outside. Thus, he/she will not feel lonely and isolated at any point in time.


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