The term ‘hospice’ literally means ‘the home where terminally ill patients are taken care of’. Therefore, it is a difficult form of service for assisted living Michigan that demands special expertise of caregivers. Hospice care intends to provide temporary relief to a dying person. Orchard Manor offers quality services regarding hospice care to such patients so that their families feel happier to see them in a relatively peaceful state. Different Features of Hospice Care Offered By Assisted Living Services are 

Prime goal of hospice care – The main aim of hospice care is to reduce the pain of a dying patient as much as possible. Thus, that person will be able to live his/her last few days more happily in the company of family members and friends. So, experienced caregivers also provide emotional and spiritual support to this patient, to improve the quality of his/her life for these counted days. They also provide mental support to family members of the patient, to make them mentally ready to face the bitter truth about their dying loved one. Thus, hospice care is provided only when a few months left for the patient, not only a few days.

Cautions taken for hospice care – The staff taking care of the patient at night should be more careful, as such a patient’s condition may deteriorate at nighttime. A doctor should be available to calls all the time, who can write down further instructions. The caregiver should know whom to contact if there is an emergency. If any change is made in the medication of the patient, it should be informed to the person in charge of hospice care. The caregiver needs to be in constant touch with the attending doctor of this client. Hospice Care Offered By Assisted Living Services are cautions taken for hospice car

Difference with normal assisted living – Hospice care is more complicated and tougher than the usual assisted living services. Generally, patients who have six months or lesser time in life can seek hospice care. Thus, it demands greater care and presence of mind than services rendered for senior care in Farmington Hills Mi. Such care is not for curing the patient but to keep him/her comfortable during this last phase of life.

All health insurance plans cover the hospice care expense, as it is included within the medical care, like usual types of medical treatments. But the patient needs to be older than 65 years and he/she should have a medical report of an incurable and fatal illness. Hospice care is proved to be most comfortable for a patient when no medical treatment can save that life.